ROBIN sells a three-tonne flake ice machine to a Cape Verdean customer.


ROBIN sells a three-tonne flake ice machine to a Cape Verdean customer.

This is a 3 tons flake ice machine made by ROBIN for a Cape Verdean customer, using a refcomp compressor with 380v,50hz. The voltage is 380v,50hz. and our customer also visited our machine and was very satisfied, now it is being packed and shipped.

A flake ice machine is a very useful household appliance that can help you make cool ice flakes for your summer days. Therefore, there are many benefits that you can get from using a flake ice maker.

  1. Convenience: Flake ice maker has a very convenient way to use, you just need to pour water into the ice maker and then control the switch to the desired temperature to start making ice chips. In addition, the flake ice maker allows you to make cool ice flakes easily without having to worry about the waiting time.

  2. Safety: Using a flake ice machine to make ice flakes does not require the use of any temperature processing equipment, so it is effective in preventing accidents from occurring, which is why it is safer than traditional ice flake making methods.

  3. Energy saving: Flake ice machine is an energy saving equipment, it does not need to consume too much electricity, only a small amount of electricity is needed to make cool ice flakes.

  4. Versatility: The flake ice machine can make a variety of ice flakes in different shapes and sizes that can meet different needs. In addition, it can also make ice flakes with various flavours, such as strawberry ice flakes, apple ice flakes and so on, so that you can enjoy a rich variety of delicious flavours.

  All in all, the flake ice machine has the advantages of convenience, safety, energy-saving and diversity, which can not only meet your summer needs, but also help you save time, which makes it a household appliance worth owning.

  Flake ice machine is a kind of ice making equipment, which is widely used in cold drink shops, hotels, restaurants, factories, supermarkets, refrigerated freezers and other industries. Flake ice machine can make a large amount of ice flakes, especially suitable for cold drink shops, restaurants and other applications.


  ROBIN flake ice machine's ice production is very large, under normal circumstances, it can produce a large number of ice flakes in a short period of time, and the speed of ice production is also very fast. And the quality of ice making is also very high, it can make ice flakes with soft texture and cool taste, and users can get satisfactory products.

  The service life of ROBIN flake ice machine is very long, it is made of high quality materials, compact and durable, it can be used for many years under normal conditions, and it doesn't need too much maintenance in the process of using.

  ROBIN flake ice machine's ice production cost is very low, it can produce a large number of ice flakes in a short period of time, and the cost of ice production is also very low. Moreover, it adopts a fully automatic ice making system, which does not require much manpower, which can greatly reduce the cost.

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