Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing

  • Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing
  • Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing
  • Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing
  • Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing
Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing
  • Robin
  • Shandong China
  • 20 working days
  • 100 sets/Month

Robin is the top ten quality among China manufacturers all the time, possess the sole R&D team in this industry, and furthermore get zero complaint from customers since exporting, and thus win the respect and trust of customers from more than 60 countries around the world.Robin is consistently working to improve the energy saving and low cost of our ice machines. We are uncompromising our pursuit of both productivity and energy efficiency and are continually looking for ways to improve both, thereby delivering the best value in energy efficient ice machines.Practical Design are thoughtfully designed for simplicity. Features like our easy-access cabinet, easy-to-clean ice-making system, simple electromechanical and intelligent system controls make your life easier.Now, global exclusive agencies or distributors are always welcomed to consult with us. Our Brand Our brand --Robin is smart choice for your life when you decide in any case for quality and performance 'made in China'! Put your great ideas to work with Robin ice making machines now!

Direct Cooling 3 Tons/day Block Ice Machine For Fishery Processing

direct refrigeration block ice

lt has been 10 years since the invention of the first generation of shell tube type block ice machine.After 10 years technical precipitation, Guangzhou lcesource developed the second generation coil type block ice machine.

lt achieved Guangzhou lcesource original dream: to make more ice with less electricity.
1. After adopting coil type evaporator, it is no need to worry about the damage of evaporator due to not adding salt in time and the density of the brine water become low during ice making.
2. The power consumption of ice making reduce from 110 k.w per ton ice to 75 k.w per ton ice,which means the equipment is more energy saving.

Technical parameter:

Capacity3 Ton/24hours
Compressor BrandCopeland/Refcomp/Bitzer
Cooling WayAir Cooling/Water Cooling
Ice Harvest WayManual Forklift
Compressor Power18(15)HP
Power of Lifting Device Motor1.1 KW
Power of Cooling Pump1.5 KW
Machinery Unit Size(L*W*H)4900mm*1100mm*2000mm
Machinery Unit WeightAbout 1200kg
Input Water Temp21degrees Celsius
Evaporating Temp25degrees Celsius
Condensing Temp40degrees Celsius
Supply power380V/50Hz(60Hz)/3P; 220V(230V)/50Hz/1P; 220V/60Hz/3P(1P); 415V/50Hz/3P; 440V/60Hz/3P.
The above data is subjected to the final design without notice.

Ice Size/pc

Ice Dimension (mm)




Ice Making

Frequency (Times)






































Ice block making process:
  *Add water into the ice moulds.
  *Turn on the ice block machine

  *Turn off the ice block machine, ice making time different from ice weight and thickness.
  *Wait minutes, ice blocks will be fully frozen with the remained coldness
  *Press the ice harvest button, hot gas will into the aluminum ice moulds, ice block will be separated from the ice moulds, then we can release the ice bed, all ice blocks will drop together.

Block Ice Machine Details:

automatic direct cooling ice block machine
Faster Ice Making and Lower Power Consumption
Aluminum evaporator is of 3 times higher heat exchange efficiency than other steel [SUS304, galvanized steel], so ice block can be completely frozen faster. In this way, it can produce more ice blocks with lower power consumption.
Clean ice Block and Eco-friendly
Robin direct cooling ice block machine can make ice block directly without brine or any other material.Also it won't produce any pollution to the environment.
direct cooling ice block machine
direct refrigeration block ice
Longer service life

Without salt or other material's corrosion, Robin direct cooling ice block machine can have longer service life and you need just clean the ice moulds regularly. The future maintenance investment is lower.

Less Space Requirement

For Robin direct cooling ice block machine is integrated design, it takes less space than the brine type ice block machine for the same capacity.

Labor saving

This PLC is just as the brain fora human 

being, it controls all the electrical parts of 

the machine, to guide all part when to work 

and stop, so the whole ice making and 

ice falling process are totally automatic. 

SIEMENS brand is also widely used over 

the world.

automatic direct cooling ice block machine
direct cooling ice block machine

Bitzer compressor

 The compressor is the only engine ofthe 

refrigeration system, it's just as the heart for 

a human being, so the quality of compressor 

enfiuence the refrigeration effect. Bitzer 

brand is good quality one, and widely used 

all over the world.


1.Ice factory
2.Fresh preservation, seafood, fish industry
3.Ice weight, small block ice or big block ice as you need

4.Edible ice, for hotels, restaurant

5.Comparing to other forms of ice, block ice longest storage time

direct refrigeration block ice

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