5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System

  • 5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System
  • 5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System
  • 5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System
  • 5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System
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5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System
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  • Shandong China
  • 30 to 45 working days
  • 50 sets/Month

* Reasonable design for the framework structure with stainless steel 304, save space, and easy to install;
*Greatly save energy, only 80-85kw powers are consumed to produce one-ton ice;
*Ice dropping automatically, No ice dropping auxiliary equipment, lower the error rate ice outgoing;
* Special ice outlet. Ice discharging automatically, No need taking ice by hand which can guarantee the ice clean and sanitary, meanwhile, it is matched with ice packing system to package the ice by plastic bags;
*Equipped with Siemens PLC central program control, which allows multiple functions such as automatic machine start and shut down; Ice stopping production when the ice bins are full, Automatic water making up;

5 Tons/Day Ice Cube Ice Machine with Packing System 

ice cubes machine 5 ton

5 ton cube ice maker is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc. Ice Source cube ice machine is highly efficient, automatic operation, energy saving and environmental friendly and are quickly becoming the most popular choice for clients around the world.

Features Of 5 Ton Cube Ice machine

●Safety: The company's ice maker uses SUS304 stainless steel as the main raw material, adopts a special water flow design, and has an automatic cleaning function to ensure that the ice produced is clean, hygienic and edible. 

●Available options: different models of ice machines have different output. The company has ice machines with a daily output of 1-20 tons to choose from.

 ●Stable performance: ice crystals are hard, crystal clear, resistant to dissolution, and can be stored for a long time.

●The ice cube machines all adopt an integrated design, occupy a small area, and have a neat and regular appearance.

● The core components of the equipment are all the top technical equipment in the industry, with good quality and stable output.
● The ice produced by this ice maker is a transparent crystal square ice crystal, which is tested by QS and is edible ice, which is widely used in the catering industry.

 Technical Prameter

Bitzer, Germany brand
Horse power
Cooling tower 
Cooling water flow
19.51 m³/h
Air flow
200 CMM
Machinery unit
Cooling tower

*Ice making capacity would be changed depending on installation place, refrigerator's freezing capability, or surrounding usage environment such as outside temperature

* Please request a specification for each machine type.
*Specification will be changed without any notification.

Cube Ice Size

ice cube packing machine

 380 granular each grid
 240 granular each grid
 132 granular each grid
 Note:  The ice making time is around 20 min/batch, the actual ice making time will be different according to the working   condition, like the water and ambient temperature. No matter how the temperature change, the ice thickness is same! 

Ice Cube Machine Working Flow:

big ice cube ice machine

Step 1: 

fresh water circulates 

around the maker grids 

Step 2: 

about 20 minute can 

produce 1 batch of ice 

Step 3: 


fall into the ice bin for 

temporary storage 

Step 4: 

control the pedal switch 

to discharge the ice 

Step 5: 

pack up the cube ice 

into plastic bag directly

 Ice Cube Machine Details:

Ice Cube Machine adopts water cooling system, installing cooling tower outdoor and ice cube machine in door through the pump.  Good cooling effect makes ice making more effective and power consumption lower.

ice cubes machine 5 ton

ice cube packing machine

German Bitzer compressor: 

 High-quality wear-resistant drive parts
 The water cooling system has low noise and sound
 Long service life,Efficient and reliable Lightweight

Seimens PLC And Touch Screen controller

We use Simenz PLC  micro-computer program and touch screen to control the machine, , so it is easy to operate the machine; all the wires are well-protected, and the Freon gas is a kind of stable and safe gas, so it is safe to operate it.

big ice cube ice machine
ice cubes machine 5 ton

 Food grade ice tray

There are three type of molds to choose from. Ice cubes can be customized.Nickeled ice molds is anti-corrosive and sanitary to insure the cube ice is safe and edible. The material of the ice mould is stainless steel 304 which adopts the standards of food-grade. The cube ice is sanitary,crystal, hard,regular,beautiful and transparent. It has a wild applications. It can completely meet you demands.

SS 304 Ice Out system

It is adopt a screw conveyor to make ice release, free hands,Exquisite design, simple and elegant appearance, Controllable ice-fall time

ice cube packing machine

Cube Ice Machine Installations:

big ice cube ice machine

Cube Ice Packing System:

The cube ice machine is with simple and ecnomical packing system, there is an ice storage bin with a screw conveyor on the bottom, while you step on the foot switch, the ice will com out by screw conveyor, then jpump in to plastic bags directly. Customers only need to equip from the scale and sealing machine to relize the packign process.

ice cubes machine 5 ton

Ice Cube Machine Application:

Cube ice is widely used in hotels, bars, hotels, canteens, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops and other places where ice is needed. The size of the ice can be adjusted to meet the different needs of customers for ice.

ice cube packing machine

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