Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine

  • Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine
  • Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine
  • Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine
  • Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine
Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine
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  • Shandong China
  • 20 working days
  • 100 sets/Month

8 ton Flake ice machine is a kind of ice making machine, generally for industrial ice making machines. The ice produced is a thin flake. Sheet ice can be made from fresh water or salt water. The ice rake system is generally used in conjunction with ice making equipment and installed in the ice storage cold storage. It can effectively use space to store ice. When a large amount of ice is needed in a short time, the ice storage cold storage can automatically deliver ice to meet the demand for ice.

Industrial 8 Ton Flake Ice Making Machine

                     8ton flake ice machine

8 ton flake ice flaker always used in the supermarket or seafood restaurant for its clean ice and convenience as well as low cost to keep the food fresh.The flake ice is warmly welcomed for its cleaness, shapeliness,whiteness,glittering and translucent as well as low temperature to firstly keep the food fresh such as fish,meat and chicken,then show a good view to the vistor and customer.

Products Features

1, direct low temperature, low ice temperature, up to -10 °.

2, the ice is dry and clean, the shape is beautiful, it is not easy to block, the fluidity is good, and the hygiene is convenient.

3, sheet-like structure, so the contact area with the refrigerator, the cooling effect is wonderful.

4, sheet ice without sharp edges and corners, will not damage the surface of the cold collection, and is very conducive to storage and transportation.

5, the thickness of ice can reach 1mm-2mm, and no ice crusher, can be used at any time.

Technical Parameter

The technical data based on 25C ambient temp.20C water inlet temp.

The evaporating temperature:-20℃

The condensing temperature : 38℃

Power supply: 3P/380V/50HZ

The ice thickness: 1.6-2.3 mm

Refrigerant: R22, R 404A or 507C or 449A 



Daily Output(Ton/24hrs)


Cooling Water Pump (KW)


Compressor Power (KW)


Motor Power (KW)


Cooling Fan Motor(KW


Cooling Mode

Water cooling

Water Inlet/Drain Pipe







Detailed of 8 ton Flake Ice Machine

flake ice machine 8 tons

flake ice maker machine

Dynamic micro-computer control

PLC automatic control, intelligent fault alarm protection function.control system with touch-screen, which is one innovation in the Chinese ice machine field that display resolvent can be also searched This innovation is one perfect breakthrough that makes great convenience to the customer to operate the machine and seti the trouble.

Efficient Thermal Conductivity Evaporator 

Adopts fixed and stationary vertical design to reduce the abrasion and improve the leakproofness, which can prevent refrigerant from leakage. Using excellent SUS304 material and automatic welding technology to improve its strength and precision. The the evaporator is welded of low temp steel alloy 16MnR, whose thermal conductivity is close to Aluminum. 

8ton flake ice machine
flake ice machine 8 tons

Stable ice scraper and shalf

The ice scraper and shalf are made of stainless steel 304.The ice scraper is a molded part instead of welded part. Its service life is extended and in the same time, the structure eliminate the possiblity ofwobbling,abrasion and corrosion that may be caused to the inner freezing surface of the evaporator.

Famous world brand compressor and components

Italy Refcomp, German Bitzer, BITZER, HANBELL and 

more internatonal brands of compressor can be 

selected according to the product specifications and

customers requirements to ensure the refrigerating 

capacity matching and perormance ablity. .GREENHALGH and ather well-known brands of condenser often be selected because of their good condensation effect and low failure rate.

flake ice maker machine

 Applications of flake ice machines

Widely used in supermarket, hotel, buffet or hotpot restaurant, aquatic seafood, food factory, slaughterhouse, chemical cooling and other places where ice is needed.

8ton flake ice machine

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