Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day

  • Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day
  • Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day
  • Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day
  • Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day
Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day
  • Robin
  • Shandong China
  • 20 working days
  • 100sets/Month

In order to ensure the quality of the fish, various fishing boats operating on the sea must take ice with them to keep fresh every voyage. The ice used is a large block of machine ice which is crushed by rolling and filled into the fish wheel.As the crushed ice before filling has begun to melt, plus the change in the temperature of the fish bin, the crushed ice has formed into large pieces again;At present, fishing boats do not have an effective ice breaker, ice is very difficult to use.Some areas due to ice source tension, often cause a large number of fish deterioration.Since the launch of the Sea Ice Flake machine, ROBIN has been working on its applications in Marine fisheries around the world.ROBIN now has users in many seas around the world, such as Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, South America and other regions. Many newly modified ice-making fishing boats are sailing freely in all oceans without any worries.

Salt Water Flake Ice Machine For Commercial Usage 5 Tons Per Day

salt water flake ice machine for

Sea water type flake ice machine is always used on marine fishing, or use on sea side land. It can use fresh water or sea water cooling. It adopts high quality SS 316 to avoid corrosion. During ocean shipping, can make ice by seawater directly. Also make heat exchange visa the condenser. 

Quick Details of Sea water flake ice machine:

Applicable IndustriesBuilding Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Fishery
After Warranty Service Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repair service
Ice ShapeFlake Ice
Power 27KW
Warranty1 Year
Refrigeration ComponentsDanfoss/Castel
MaterialSUS304 Stailess Steel
Cooling WayAir/Water Cooling System
RefrigerantR22 or R404a

Technical parameter:

    Sea Water type Flake Ice Machine Parameters


    Daily Output (T/24h)

    Cooling method

    Compressor Power

    Cooling Capacity

    General  Power

    Unit Size

    (L*W*H mm)

    Unit N.W. (KG)




    4.38 kw

    6.7 kw

    5.25 kw






    7.67 kw

    12.2 kw

    8.91 kw






    11 kw

    19  kw

    12.24 kw






    20.4 kw

    31.6 kw

    22.39 kw



    * Compressor brand: Bizter /Refcomp; Refrigerant: R22/R404R.

    * Power supply: voltage 380 V/3P/50Hz (For non-standard voltage, unit configuration needs to be calculated separately)

    * Operating conditions: T (water supply):20℃, T (ambient): 32℃, T (condensing): 38℃, T (evaporating): -20℃。

    * Note: The actual ice production varies due to the influence of water supply temperature and ambient temperature.

    * The final interpretation of the above mentioned parameters is in Icesource, there will be no further notice, if there is any technical change.

    salt water flake ice machine

    Specification of ice flake machine (daily production: 200-60000 kg) :

    1. The ice yield is affected by the ambient temperature and inlet water temperature. The maximum ice yield is achieved at the standard temperature.

    2. Standard voltage: 3-phase 380V,50HZ, can be customized according to requirements, less than 1 ton can be used for civil electricity.

    3. Water supply: fresh water, ordinary tap water can be used, groundwater can also be used.

    4. Installation environment: ventilated, dry, avoid sun and rain, indoor **.(Can greatly improve the service life and ice production)

    5. Thickness of sheet ice: 1.8-2.5mm.

    6. Ice sheet temperature: -5°C~-10°C.

    7. Standard operating conditions: ambient temperature 20-35°C, inlet water temperature 18-25°C. (Maximum ice yield)

    8. Select internationally renowned refrigeration accessories, such as Danfoss/American Valley Wheel/Bissell/Taiwan Hanzhong compressor, Danfoss expansion valve, battery valve, filter, PLC controller from South Korea, etc.

    9. The control system adopts automatic microcomputer control, and the ice maker is automatically controlled by PLC programmable controller to open and shut down, so that the ice bucket mechanical operation system and the water supply circulation system can be coordinated and matched to achieve safe and efficient operation.

    Applications of Flake ice machine:

    commercial flake ice machinesalt water flake ice machine for

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