Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine

  • Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine
  • Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine
  • Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine
  • Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine
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Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine
  • Robin
  • Shandong China
  • 30 working days
  • 100 sets/Month

●Safety: The Robin company's cube ice maker uses SUS304 stainless steel as the main raw material, adopts a special water flow design, and has an automatic cleaning function to ensure that the ice produced is clean, hygienic and edible.
●Available options: different models of ice machines have different output. The company has ice machines with a daily output of 1-20 tons to choose from.
●Stable performance: ice crystals are hard, crystal clear, resistant to dissolution, and can be stored for a long time.

Special Design 2 Ton Ice Cube Making Machine

2 ton ice cube making machine

The large-scale edible ice cube machine is a large-capacity ice making machine that produces ice cubes. The ice cube machine is widely used in catering and cold drink shops and other fields.

Product features

There are two ice cube sizes: 22mmx22mx22mm, 29mmx29mmx22m

1. Large production: its production can reach 90% to 95%. If environment temperature is lower than 23centi degrees, production can reach 100% to 130%.( About a small cube ice machine, its production can reach 50% to 60% in summer)

2. Lower power consume: it power consumption only about 85KW.H to produce 1ton ice, if environment temperature is lower than 23centi degrees, power consumption is from 70KW.H to 80KW.H(about small cube ice machine, its consumption is about 150KW.H to 165KW.H to produce 1ton ice.)

3. Easy operation: adopt PLC program controller central control, automatically adjust ice thickness, automatically match the change of ambient temperature, automatically supply ice making water, no need manually adjust, Automatically ice outgoing system if matched with specially automatically ice packing equipment, it not only saved man power, also ensured save to eat, meet sanitary requirement, obviously improved competitive advantage of ice.

4. Space saved: machine unit adopt integrated design, structure is very compact.

Technical Parameter Of 2 Ton Cube ice machine

Capacity2 Ton/24hours
Compressor BrandBitzer/Refcomp
Cooling WayWater Cooling
Compressor Power9 HP
Ice Cutter Motor0.75 KW
Power of Circulating Water Pump0.37 KW
Power of Cooling Pump1.1 KW
Cooling Tower Motor0.37 KW
Machinery Unit Size(L*W*H)1730mm*1520mm*2030mm
Machinery Unit WeightAbout 1130kg
Input Water Temp21degrees Celsius
Evaporating Temp25degrees Celsius
Condensing Temp40degrees Celsius
Supply power380V/50Hz(60Hz)/3P; 220V(230V)/50Hz/1P; 220V/60Hz/3P(1P); 415V/50Hz/3P; 440V/60Hz/3P.
The above data is subjected to the final design without notice.

Cube Ice Size:

Ice Size

Ice Weight

Freezing Time










ice cube making machine

Ice Cube Machine Details:

ice cube2 ton ice cube making machine

ice cube making machine

Bitzer compressor: 

We use German Compressor Bitzer compressor and other famous brand components, you can easily acquire spare parts or after-sale service around the globe.

Touch screen: 

Equipped with Siemens PLC + Touch Screen 

Controlling System, which allows multiple 

functions such as automatic timer function for start and shut down; ice stopping production when the ice bins are full. All parameters can be easily set, all running history can be checked.

ice cube
2 ton ice cube making machine

Ice evaporator

The evaporator has the characteristics of anti-corrosin, safety and sanitation, large contact area, and accelerated heat and cold exchange with the refrigerant.

Automatic Spiral Ice Out System

Fully automatic ice release, free hands. Exquisite design, simple and elegant appearance; Controllable ice-fall time

ice cube making machine

Ice Cube Packing:

Special ice outlet. Ice discharging automatically, No need taking ice by hand which can guarantee the ice clean 

and sanitary, meanwhile, it is matched with ice packing system to package the ice with plastic bags

ice cube

Pedal Switch Controlling the ice cube out, no

 the hand touching the ice cubes.

Using a digital scale and LDPE bag 

for ice cube packing

   Use Manual plastic bag     sealing machine to seal the ice in bagsPut the ice bags in to the ice storage cold room

Ice Cube Machine Application:

ROBIN cube ice machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc.

2 ton ice cube making machine

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