Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D

  • Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D
  • Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D
  • Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D
  • Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D
Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3T/D
  • Robin
  • Shandong China
  • 15 to 30 working days
  • 100 sets/Month

3 ton tube ice machine
Adopt double circuit ice doffing type, ice doffing fast , system impact small, more efficient and more safe;
The exterior insulation structure of evaporator,anti-corrosion, more energy save and production;
The part contact with ice is stainless steel , safe and sanitary
Full-automatic control , auto ice full stop;

Top Air Cooling Tube Ice Machine 3 ton / day 


tube ice making machine 3 tons

Tube ice is transparent and sanitary, not easy to melt. Its inner and outer diameter can be adjusted for your requirements. 3 ton tube ice machine can be air cooled and water cooled according clients demand. 

Air cooled system design to guarantee good ice quality, uniform thickness, transparent, impurity;

The design of ice evaporator is according to pressure vessel stardard. It is strong , safte and reliable;
Adopt high efficiency heat transfer tube to optimize the design of refrigeration system . It is stable operation and low breakdown

Product feature:

* Clean & edible ice through food grade 304 stainless steel
* No leakage or stuck ice with seamless steel pipe
* Persistant capacity in a long time with premium quality
* Power & water consumption less than other machine types

 Variety of production specification,variety of tube size to fulfill to different application;

Have CE(PED)ASME ceritificate, high indemnificatory;
Can match stainless steel screw conveying buffer , and automatic storage, packaging production line;
Beautiful shape, overall layout is reasonable, comprehensive details,excellent.

Technical parameters of  3 ton Tube ice machine

Capacity3 Ton/24hours
Compressor BrandBitzer/Refcomp
Cooling WayWater Cooling
Compressor Power12 HP
Ice Cutter Motor0.37 KW
Power of Circulating Water Pump0.37 KW
Power of Cooling Water Pump1.1 KW
Cooling Tower Motor0.37 KW
Machinery Unit Size(L*W*H)1500mm*860mm*2095mm
Machinery Unit WeightAbout 1020kg
Input Water Temp21degrees Celsius
Evaporating Temp25degrees Celsius
Condensing Temp40degrees Celsius
Supply power380V/50Hz(60Hz)/3P; 220V(230V)/50Hz/1P; 220V/60Hz/3P(1P); 415V/50Hz/3P; 440V/60Hz/3P.
The above data is subjected to the final design without notice.

1. Compressor brand: Bitzer /Franscold ; Refrigerant: R 22/ R 404 A; Cooling Method: water cooling / air cooling.2.Power supply:
voltage 380V/3P/50Hz(for non-standard voltage, unit configuration needs to be calculated separately ).
3.Operating conditions: T (water supply):20℃ , T (ambient): 32℃, T(condensing):40℃, T (evaporating):-12℃.
4.(Note: The actual ice production varies due to the influence of water supply temperature and ambient temperature.)
5.(The final interpretation of the above mentioned parameters is in Icesource, there will be no further notice, if there any technical change. )


Ice tube Size as option

Tube ice outer diameter is 16mm,22mm, 28mm, 34mm, 40mm; The inner diameter can be adjusted according to the ice making time. Usually it's between 5~10mm.

tube ice machine 3 ton

External DiameterStandard LengthFreezing time
25mm14 minutes
20mm30mm16 minutes
28mm35mm18 minutes
34mm45mm20 minutes
40mm55mm25 minutes

Detailed Drawings of the tube Ice Machine

3 ton tube ice machine

tube ice making machine 3 tons


we choose best compressor. Robin large capacity tube ice machine features modular design. The whole unit consists of 3 parts, compressor module, evaporator module and cooling tower module. Compressor module: Compressor, water condenser, reservoir, liquid receiver, oil separator, and electric control box are all installed on the steel frame.

Touch Screen Controller 

Touch screen controls the whole system 

it is easy to use. And the friendly display 

mode allows you to monitor the ice 

machine in a better way.

tube ice machine 3 ton
3 ton tube ice machine

Tube ice evaporator

Evaporation barrel: material using SUS304. So that there is no dead Angle of cleaning inside the equipment.(1)The tube ice maker evaporator using high quality stainless steel 304 and other materials processing, meet international health standards; (2)we can do the OEM and follow you requirements for the brand logo.

Tube ice outlet 

Ice outlet: when the ice pipe falls, the ice cutting mechanism will operate and cut the ice pipe into the set size.

tube ice making machine 3 tons
tube ice machine 3 ton

Evaporator out cladding and frame

Robin Tube ice machine use SS 304 frame, the evaporator is  PU insulation and also the SS 304 cladding outside to keep the top quality and long life spans. 

High Efficiency Air condenser fans

It runs well at working condition of ambient temperatures -20~+50°C and inlet water temperature +0.5~+45°C. Robin not only offer standard ice machines, also can do the customization as per your specific actual eviromental requirement, to keep the enough cooling capacity to reach the full production capacity at the different evoroment countries.

3 ton tube ice machine

Tube ice applications

The tube ice made by the equipment is transparent and beautiful.
Applied to Cold drinkings  Restaurants, bars, caféSupermarkets and Convenience Store
Food processings etc.

tube ice making machine 3 tons

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